My eGluco App

eGluco is a mobile phone application that helps you to followup and stabilize your glucose level, balance your diet and manage you social interactions in a way that physical activity becomes part of your busy life style

eGluco is a diabetes personal health coach integrated to the Health-e-living family of products where you can share your life style information with a selected circle of familiy, friends, caregivers, peer-group members or even your preferred personal trainer.

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eGluco in brief

Quick reading, fast feedback

eGluco reads your sugar level in less than 5 seconds according to ISO standards, transfers your data to your diary automatically and makes it available for you or your physician to be analyzed later.

Safe storage

Your data is stored securely and not disclosed to any person unless you authorize to do so.


eGluco allows you to learn from and keep your health status, act preventively and improve your life style

Location independent

While on the move you can have access to your data remotely, monitor your relatives data or make it available to your doctors even from your favourite holidays spot.

"Thanks to eGluco I visualized my blood sugar bursts after meals during my pregnancy. Within one week of experiments with different diets I was able to improve my body's sensitivity to insuline!". Katrina