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Extensive Life Oy

Extensive Life company contributes to the Mobile Health market ecosystem through preventive and participative self-care. Extensive life Oy is positioned in the active quality life-style segment to deliver citizens sustainable health outcomes.

Wellbeing Products

Extensive Life develops web and mobile tools to help you manage your Personalized Lifestyle. We make health activity data gathering easier for you through sensors and mobile applications. We customize our services to support different lifestyles, demographics and health conditions of individuals and communities. Including health kiosks, health analytics, nutrition tools and many others. Enables the disemination of educational and motivational health knowledge for improving risk factors awareness through a care support social network.

Personal Health Products

 Each individual resonates personally in some health areas better than others which makes easier to adhere to certain health programs. Some prefer sports and have very active involment in physical activities, others prefer to discover specials recepies or join new cooking clubs. Many enjoy the interactions in interest groups or volunteering communities. Finally some persons are inclined to be approached by interactions involving feelings and emotions. All these areas are interconected but for easy of handling we classified in three major areas: physical, mental and social health.


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Nov 2, 2013
The Moodzi line of products for Mental Health is announcing a new member: MoodDaily. The MoodDaily application would be available in Android Play Market for users interested in tracking their moods and emotions over certain period.

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